Dean Maynard is a Justice of the Peace who works for the Department of Justice within the Confederated States of Severa. He is considered a main protagonist of the series, although his actions do not always fall within a strictly lawful good alignment. He is often impulsive and prone to rash decisions - as exhibited in the Samuel Forest case - but he generally tries to do the right thing and follows a code of honor.

Dean is 1.675 m tall with blue eyes and brown hair, often kept unkept. He was born in the State of Echinomen.

Among his known living relatives are his father and brother. He is also friends with Jane Stewart, Lucy Fellman, Rob Lexington, and Elijah Blackheart.

His preferred weapon is the bastard sword and his cloak is cobalt blue. His notary is a wolverine called Calliope.

Dean is a vegetarian and his favorite food is Yahm fries. He comes from a blue-collar background and used to works in the trades before becoming a Justice.

He is a man of simple tastes and often holds a great deal of contempt for pretentiousness or fanciful things. He's also known to bend or even break the rules concerning what he regards as an arbitrary sense of decorum. This includes a general disdain for his Justice uniform, although he later has a change of heart upon receiving the new dragonhide versions.

Dean's impulsiveness has often gotten him in trouble on several occasions.

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