Jane Stewart is a Justice of the Peace who works for the Department of Justice within the Confederated States of Severa. She is considered a main protagonist of the series, although her actions do not always fall within a strictly lawful good alignment.

Similar to her partner, Justice Dean Maynard, she is often impulsive and prone to rash decisions - as exhibited in the Samuel Forest case - but she generally tries to do the right thing and follows a code of honor. Unlike Dean, however, she cares very deeply about decorum, fashion, etiquette, and the perceptions of other people, including Dean.

Jane is 1.65 m tall with brown eyes and long, chestnut brown hair, often kept in a ponytail. She wears thick black-framed glasses. She was born in the capital city of Calcatrix. Her sign is the Star Maiden.

Among her known living relatives are her father, mother, her older brother Dan, her older sister Amber, her brother-in-law Ethan, and her niece Turin. She is also friends with Lucy Fellman, whom she considers close enough to be family. The two regard each other as soul-sisters.

Her preferred weapon is a two-handed hunting saber, which she wields left-handed, and his cloak is red-violet. Her notary is a black bear called Adaiah.

As a child, she went to finishing school abroad in Io, even picking up a bit of an accent and mannerism, before becoming a Justice. She is an alumnus of Strygiform-Oakley University.

Jane is a woman of refined tastes with little patience for rule-breaking or hypocrisy; although she is something of a hypocrite herself in this regard, often holding others to a different standard than herself. As a result, she can be seen as grouchy, bossy, and off-putting at times by those around her.

She is kind-hearted and compassionate, willing to lay down her life for the law and those she sees as victims. She often dotes upon her niece and motivates friends and family to do their part. Jane is a feminist and, owing to a number of bad experiences in her past, is often mistrustful and contemptuous of men she doesn't know.

Jane is a capable judge and swordswoman - said to be among the best in Severa. Her personality on the battlefield is often fearless, optimistic, and determined, in contrast to being shy, introverted, and even cowardly at times outside of it.

Both in and out of the courtroom, Jane has been shown to have certain emotional triggers that make her more prone to getting into fights with others - sometimes even using physical violence, as in the case of trials by combat. Thus far, as least, her use of violence has been confined to the limits of the law.

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