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The gods are supernatural beings ostensibly responsible for creating the universe of Thelema. They are first mentioned in the opening chapter, Docket #000: Ab Initio. In addition to creating the world, they are also said to have created human beings in their own image and likeness, imbuing them with powers comparable to their own before splitting them into man and woman following a great rebellion.

Since the time of creation, the gods have been reclusive and distant from humanity, becoming little more than myth and legend in day-to-day life, though people still construct temples and offer prayers to them.

In Thelema, there are many different religions. Among these is the Ecclesia of the Redeemer, which adheres strictly to a pantheon of twelve deities:

  • The Lamb
  • The Golden Calf
  • Karkinos
  • Namea
  • The Star Maiden (also called The Lady Justice)
  • The Merchant
  • The Eagle
  • The Serpent Bearer
  • The Archer
  • The Sea Goat
  • The Water Bearer
  • Echineas

Some traditions also count The Twins among them, as children of the Lady Justice and the Water Bearer. They are considered two deities who share the same celestial house. Other religions, such as the Ring of Saturn and the Seekers of the Star Maiden also refer to this same pantheon in their traditions, albeit the gods have different roles therein.

The primary source of knowledge about the gods comes from the priests and priestesses of the Ecclesia, who cite three canonical scriptural texts: Ixchel's Path, Kashmir's Path, and The Couple's Path. The First Book of Fire - the first of four sections within Ixchel's Path - begins with the story of how the gods themselves were created by the Spirit, before telling how they, in turn, went on to make the material universe. Of the three books, Ixchel's Path contains the most information about the gods and their nature.

At times, people have also claimed a more theosophic connection to the gods via Thelemic Divination. Others have expressed doubts as to whether or not the gods even still exist anymore or indeed if they ever had.