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You look down at your smartphone. The device chirps to life. A strange tingling sensation takes hold of your arm as you feel a modicum of energy being drained from your body. It whisks across the aether to a nearby radio transmitter, atop which a spidery creature lays perched. It taps out a series of vibrations on metallic strings at frequencies imperceptible to the human senses. In mere microseconds, the relay is received and passed along before an answer is given in the same binary language that, to you, just sounds like a dull humming. Little more than background noise in an orchestra of strings.

Moments later, your screen lights up and you're taken to a page - this very page, in fact - wherein you are prompted to type in a search term. You clutch at the pendant resting just upon your chest, and hold your breath but an instant as you say a silent prayer. You channel your will and evoke the blessings of the gods, that your act of divination might prove fruitful in this, your noble quest.

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The official wiki for the dark urban fantasy series, Thelema, by Marushia Dark.

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