Thelemas are special pendants made of Thelemite, worn around the necks of most human beings, that tether their souls to the world, keeping them alive, and allowing them to transmit and store energy for use in commercial transactions, bolstering resolve, healing, or the Thelemic Arts.

Each pendant typically consist of a flexible chain and half of a circular medallion that is cut down the middle. The edge of each pair is unique and no more than one other pendant in existence will match it flawlessly. Others might come close but will show noticeable imperfections.

The face of the medallion depicts some scene, as well as a short phrase, which ostensibly gives the bearer insight into what their life's purpose is meant to be - their true will, as decreed by the gods. A combination of the skill of the wearer and the generosity of the gods will often determine whether or not a person is able to decipher such clues and lead a meaningful life.

Thelemas are split amongst a person and their twin flame, with each half of the medallion having its own chain and its own phrase, but both sharing a portion of the same scene, including any border markings.

Inscriptions can - but don't always - cross the median of the pendant, thus yielding a different meaning when conjoined versus when considered in isolation. How this affects the destiny and duty of each wearer is unique to their particular case.

Due to how infrequently such an event occurs, many mysteries abound as to what exactly happens if two halves are ever reunited. It is said that joining both halves will grant the wearers a life filled with tremendous love and happiness, and even the powers of a god at their disposal. This is the most common belief, though competing theories portend darker and less desirable - even cynical - outcomes.

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