Thelemite is a mysterious metallic substance said to have been created by the gods, in particular a joint effort by the Sea Goat and Echineas.

The full extent of its properties are unclear, and often times seemingly paradoxical from a scientific perspective. For instance, it is at once highly durable and resistant to breaking, able to be used in the crafting of weapons, but has also been shown to snap easily with gentle application of force, as in the case of chains, or even chip under heavier force. It is able to maintain a solid shape but is also highly flexible, able to squash and stretch. It can resist high temperatures and pressures but is also able to be molded at room temperature and melted down for recycling. It can store vast quantities of energy and even trip metal detectors.

Most commonly, Thelemite is used as a conduit for transmitting and storing energy, whether in the form of chi, commercial energy, or other types.

It acts as a natural catalyst for the Thelemic Arts, wherein, generally speaking, greater quantities allow for greater potential; but there appears to be no rigidly quantifiable rate at which this is true. For instance, a skilled practitioner might be able to do as much with a gram of Thelemite as a novice can do with twenty kilograms, but a great deal of that discrepancy seems far more dependent on the limits of the user's will and creativity.

Thelemite is used in Thelema pendants as well as death masks and death shrouds to bind the souls of human beings to the world. At least some minimal contact between human flesh and Thelemite appears to be necessary to sustain life, though it's unclear from a scientific perspective how this manifests and what proportion is needed.

For instance, orthodox Saturnalian women have less Thelemite in their shrouds than do Saturnalian men in their masks, or even in the average Thelema. During religious conversion, some have died in the process of transition due to lack of sufficient Thelemite; whereas others have shown signs of an allergic reaction to an excess of Thelemite, similar to how some people are allergic to water, despite its vital role in sustaining human life.

Thelemite is also an essential component, along with gold, in the formation of juristic persons.

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